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Subgraph Maintenance

Nov 06 at 09:00pm NZDT  –  Nov 06 at 10:00pm NZDT
Affected services
TheGraph: Ethereum Mainnet
TheGraph: Polygon
TheGraph: BSC
TheGraph: Arbitrum
TheGraph: Avalanche
TheGraph: Optimism
TheGraph: Goerli

Nov 06 at 09:00pm NZDT

All subgraphs on The Graph’s hosted service will not be queryable for up to 30-60 minutes. The 30-60 minute downtime will begin within a six-hour time window (08:00-14:00 UTC).

See the status here.

During this downtime, most vesting balances won't be showing correctly. In case you want to claim certain tokens, you can interact with the claim method directly with the contract using the blockexplorer (Etherscan, Arbiscan, Polygonscan, Bscscan, etc.)